seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 46

NEW ON BOARD Wenda products for shipboard safety and style W enda ltd. specialises in composite technology. The Com- AN ELEGANT DECK SEAT pany designs and manufactures lightweight structures Wenda has developed a new elegant deck seat with several for ships according to customer specifications. ”When the goal installation options to choose from. The seats can be installed is to make a structure that is durable and strong but also light- separately or in groups, and the installation is very fast and easy. weight, the solution is composites. On ships, light weight and Several colors available. corrosion resistance are crucial, and that makes composites the right choice for a wide variety of applications”, says the Company CEO Jan Forsbom. The latest additions to Wenda shipboard products include a new type of deck seat, a new deck light fixture, a brand new life jacket container product line and IceStop ice prevention system. A RELIABLE LIFE JACKET CONTAINER PRODUCT LINE Wenda is proud to present a new life jacket container product line with an abundant selection of life jacket containers in different sizes and shapes. The containers can be installed on ceil- A HIGH QUALITY DECK LIGHT FIXTURE The Wenda reliable deck light fixture is easy to install and use. All the materials are corrosion-proof and the product is available in several colors. ICESTOP ICE PREVENTION SYSTEM An unique solution is designed to keep decks unfrozen on artic ships. IceStop is unbeaten in ease of installation and maintenance. ings or as benches, boxes or cabinets, and all the models have an opening mechanism that is reliable as well as fast and easy More information: to operate.,, 44 seatec 2/2015