seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 44

NEW ON BOARD Protacon upgrades icebreaker propulsion drives by: SAMI J. ANTEROINEN Protacon, a company based in Jyväskylä, Finland, has received a major order for the modernisation of electric and automation systems of two icebreakers. Protacon is charged with the modernisation of electric propulsion drives and drive control systems for the Swedish icebreakers, Atle and Frej. T he customer is the Swedish Maritime Administration. With “After that, we’ve done one modernisation per year,” says the deal, Protacon will considerably strengthen its foothold Loisa, adding that the key issue here – in addition to quality – is as a full-service supplier of high power electric drives. Protacon has been making great advances in the marine business of late. In 2012, Protacon made a modernisation delivery keeping with the schedule. “Whatever we promise, we can keep,” Loisa lays down the game plan. for icebreaker Urho (Arctia Icebreaking). Project Manager Marko Loisa comments that the undertaking provided a great opportu- UP FOR THE CHALLENGE nity to demonstrate the company’s knowledge in full-scope deliv- According to Loisa, it is also a huge marketing advantage for the eries and as a supplier of marine sector automation and drives sys- company that it has solutions available and can spearhead large, tem. The operation was a success and was followed by an order turn-key projects, also globally. to modernise icebreaker Ymer in 2013. 42 seatec 2/2015 “Thanks to our large system supplier networks, we can offer