seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 38

photo: PHOTOALTO I nstigated by Machine Technology great way to improve global visibility and maritime & machine technology compa- Center Turku Ltd., the TRIMMI project to increase the volume of business.” nies and universities to invite cooperation for strategic initiatives aimed at increasing relies on national and international competence, development and innovation. TARGETING SPECIFIC market shares and visibility in various but The point is to establish long-term strat- FOREIGN MARKETS specific foreign markets. egies and development measures which In TRIMMI as well as in other current mar- For instance, in the summer of 2014, will enable Finland to become a globally itime technology projects, Machine Tech- the first ’What’s up Global?’update sem- leading and internationally attractive mar- nology Center Turku Ltd. works in close inar for the maritime and offshore indus- itime industry hub. operation with the Ministry of Employment tries and infrastructure construction was and the Economy, and also with the City held in Turku. With 85 companies and of Turku. other operators in the maritime business ”Our TRIMMI project was started in April 2014. Of course, at the time we already had a long prior history of sim- ”Our aim is to promote the interna- participating, the discussion focused on ilar types of technology promotion pro- tional growth, development and global the market situation and outlook in Brazil, jects,” says Ms. Mervi Pitkänen, Director positioning of local maritime companies,” Russia, Norway, Asia, and France. for Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. Pitkänen sums up. ”The seminar was jointly arranged ”TRIMMI is scheduled to continue In addition, emphasis is placed by Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd, until the year 2016. We attempt to bring on ways to enhance R&D efficiency by Finpro, and the Enterprise and Business Finnish maritime companies closer to their employing new, innovative operational Centre of Southwestern Finland. Later in potential international customers.” models and collaborative practices. the same year, the strategic discussions According to her, it has not been too As an example of current actions, related to the same market areas plus difficult to recruit new participants for the Mervi Pitkänen mentions the ’What’s Mexico and China were continued in two project. up?’ forums. They are designed to help follow-up workshop events,” Pitkänen the internationalisation of Finland-based recounts. ”The companies realise that this is a 36 seatec 2/2015