seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 35

indoor deck coatings,” Managing Director Petteri Nurminen says. ”Now we have expanded our operations to export projects, for instance in France. Cancotronic was chosen for the ’Harmony of the Seas’ project after a bidding competition.” “ The ship can carry incorporate energy saving features, such as more than 6 000 stand-by mode when they are not in use.” passengers. Installation of the equipment is also adapted to conform to a vessel of this size. ”Most of the elevator trunks, manufactured in Kone’s facilities in Europe, will and service lifts, including 12 scenic eleva- be prefabricated and transported in several modules to the shipyard.” At present, approximately 2 to 3 tors with glass cabins, and two escalators. installation workers are applying the deck ”They are our most energy-efficient ”The equipment will be travelling coatings at St. Nazaire shipyard. So far, solutions and integrate the latest inno- by sea and trucks to France where our an area of some 700 square metres has vations in energy-saving,” says Jarkko team at the shipyard will take care of the been coated. Pekkala, Head of Marine Sales in Kone. installation, testing, and commissioning,” explains Ari Winter, Head of Marine Busi- ”Coatings for ship decks need to be ”For example, all the elevators manufactured from certified materials. onboard ’Harmony of the Seas’ are Standard floor coatings cannot be used equipped with regenerative drive systems ”We started discussions with the since noise-reduction and other factors through which excess braking energy is shipyard and ship-owner already in the must be taken into account,” Nurminen recovered and transformed into power early planning phases, to ensure every- emphasises. used for e.g. lighting or air conditioning.” thing will go smoothly. We also run com- ness in Kone. ”Our measurements indicate reduc- plex passenger traffic calculations and sim- SPECIAL LIFTS AND ELEVATORS tions of up to 35 percent of energy con- ulations to help ship designers decide on The Finnish company Kone Elevators Ltd. sumed by elevators equipped with Kone the suitable amount of elevators, as well will supply the ship’s elevators and escala- Ecodisc hoisting machine and regenerative as their size and positioning in the vessel,” tors. The solution consists of 41 passenger drive. The two Ecomaster escalators also says Winter. seatec 2/2015 33