seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 31

NEW A60 SLIDING FIRE DOORS 110 110 110 1 W max ax 40 0 0 Hmax 30 00 3000 • SINGLE • DO UB LE DOUB DOUBLE • TANDEM TAN TANDEM Bi s Big size ig Hmax 300 0mm, Wmax 40 00mm 0 0mm, m , 00 max x x Low construction Low construction on ucti n space equirement only 1 space requirement only 110mm e y Easy installation by bolting or welding “ Harmony of the Seas will be the third Oasis-class ship. ”However, the alterations are not very major in character. Some of them indoor air quality being made on a con- quently, space requirements for such sys- stant basis,” Nousiainen explains. tems need to be pinpointed at an early stage in the ship design process.” were made on the grounds of improving energy-efficiency on board.” VARIOUS SOLUTIONS ”The actual design for the air-condi- FOR NOISE-REDUCTION tioning systems started immediately after ditioning systems has decreased along with Mr. Nousiainen says that Koja Marine was the contract had been signed in April various new fan coil solutions. Another among the first subcontractors to receive 2013.” factor has been the principle of operating an order for the new ship project from air-conditioning only as needed. Air-con- STX France. ”Energy consumption of the air-con- ditioning of different sections of the ship ”Aboard cruise ships, air-condition- is now controlled by the directions of the ing systems take up more space than any passenger flow, with stringent checks of other single technical system. Conse- Particular care was taken to ensure that the proper levels of noise reduction were accomplished for the ship’s air-conditioning. ”Different types of solutions for noise seatec 2/2015 29