seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 26

The propulsion power and ice- ”They are also slightly larger in size – ”This is the first design for a large strengthening of the vessels have been both in length and in width. Furthermore, icebreaker vessel that is equipped with increased to adapt the ships to the oper- a new positioning system will be added,” a rotatable propeller device, yielding the ational requirements encountered in the Suojanen explains. capability to break ice in more directions Arctic seas. than one.” ”The previously designed ARC 130 At present, negotiations are ongoing icebreakers were to be used in the Baltic for possible new projects for arctic vessels. Sea environment. For the Arctic regions, a more sturdy ice-class and a better icebreaking capability will be needed.” The new type of vessel is designed to break 2-metre level ice with 0.3-metre “ The new type of Increasing ship traffic in the arctic regions vessel is designed will inevitably increase the need for new to break 2-metre level ice. icebreakers and other specialised vessels. Aker Arctic Technology has successfully completed icebreaking tests for another new vessel type with three azi- snow cover in two directions. It can also muth thrusters that can be utilised for operate in thick consolidated brash ice and kinds of ice conditions. Compared to 19 megawatts (MW) breaking ice in lateral direction. This design propulsion power in the older ARC 130 is cost-efficient, allowing the vessel to type icebreakers, the new ARC 130 A type has improved maneuverability in various break more ice with less power. FURTHER DEMAND ships are equipped with nearly 22 MW of FOR ARCTIC VESSELS propulsion power. that the ship’s movements. The results were that the new icebreakers will run on die- advanced icebreakers of this kind have even better than we expected,” rejoices sel oil, instead of LNG fuel. not previously been designed in Finland. Suojanen. Another difference to the older design is 24 seatec 2/2015 Mr. Suojanen ”In addition, we tested the new automation system designed to control emphasises