seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 21

Doors from the Championship series Choose Champion Door fabric fold-up doors and partition walls! Choosing Champion Door will give you doors suitable for the most challenging conditions – dependable, durable, highly insulated and with minimal servicing needs. Champion Door Oy | Hopeatie 2 | FI-85500 Nivala | FINLAND | Tel. + 358 8 445 8800 | Fax + 358 8 442 956 “ | | The maritime sector is a global sector. Nevertheless, there are no obstacles Another arena that is ripe for devel- by the industrial internet. It appears that in the field that cannot be overcome. In opment is the advanced data-based anal- the industrial internet is moving towards fact, Nissilä believes that many of these ysis services. According to the study, the becoming a common platform, readily challenges can be turned into business data analysing business holds great prom- available for various sectors. Things such as opportunities. ise, if information can flow freely from one remote monitoring, pre-emptive mainte- “The maritime sector is a global sec- stakeholder to another – but this is easier nance and fleet e-management are highly tor, which means that novel solutions – said than done. Immaterial rights and data attractive in the eyes of the marine players. that deal with, for example, limited tel- security are major concerns here, making, According to Jussi Nissilä, the ulti- ecommunications bandwidth at sea or in turn, companies quite cautious. mate achievement for remote monitor- Still, Nissilä points out that data secu- ing would be an unmanned ship – even if rity issues did not surface very strongly in many of the interviewed experts felt that the interviews conducted for the study – this vision is still a bit premature. Nissilä WANTED: DYNAMIC DATA and Finnish know-how in data security points out that while the industrial inter- At the moment, the seaborne telecommu- provides firepower to deal with the prob- net is a real game-changer in the marine nications are quite tricky since the ships are lems before they become a plague. sector, too, the change will not take place regulatory requirements – have a great market potential,” Nissilä says. dependent on expensive satellite link-ups. overnight. This also sets some limits to the amount WHO NEEDS A CREW? of data that can be relayed back to the The corporate interviews of the study arate the prevailing hype from those very shore – crippling the full utilisation of the reveal that many companies are presently real opportunities that are emerging from ICT arsenal. looking into the opportunities presented this technology.” “In addition, it is important to sep- seatec 2/2015 19