seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 14

Frank Kuhlmann CFO of TUI Cruises, Wybcke Meier CEO of TUI Cruises, Jan Meyer CEO of Meyer Turku Oy and Tapani Pulli Deputy Yard Director, Meyer Turku Oy ALWAYS INVEST IN PEOPLE At present, the options involve things such “ In the business of building as lengthening the dock or speeding up cruise ships, you rely the throughput time, but Meyer points out on your networks. that a great variety of functions – from design office to steel production – impact “In the business of building cruise ships, you rely on your networks – and even if you take the operations of one shipyard and move them to another location, it’s not so easy to move the entire network there.” capacity. Therefore, Meyer Werft recogLOCAL POWER nises that investments in both ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ are needed – and the CEO ten years,” Meyer says. And it’s not just Proximity works both ways: the shipyard has previously commented that education that the industry needs more naval engi- can rely on subcontractors that operate and training are key issues in ushering in neers: experts from all sectors must pool nearby without logistical hassles and sub- this new era. in resources to get the job done. contractors are pleased to have such a “We are a family company and have It goes without saying that Jan Meyer strong local client. It’s a partnership that always felt that is worthwhile to invest in is a big fan of the Turku subcontractor net- benefits all sides, and Meyer wants to keep people. When you provide training for work – with over 500 companies – that developing that collaboration: someone, it may not pay off in two years, provides a competitive advantage that is but it will pay off in a big way in five or almost impossible to match. 12 seatec 2/2015 “We fill up that order pipeline, so that the entire network can prosper.”