seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2015 - Page 13

THE PERFECT CONNECTION Backed up by over 50 years of craftmanship and experience, Helkama cables are tested in the harshest conditions and designed to meet standards. We enable the perfect connection for both marine and offshore use. Connect with us: MARINE AND OFFSHORE CABLES • INDUSTRIAL CABLES • OPTICAL FIBRE CABLES • FLEXIBLE CABLES “And I definitely like it,” he grins. In Meyer’s mind, engineering is all about problem-solving and – more often than not – finding the best compromise out there. Building the greatest cruise ships on the planet means that you have to make sure “ A lot of expertise ments in Turku – the previous owner had has to come neglected to do any upgrades, what would together in the making of these floating cities. the Germans do? – Meyer confirms that there are plans to boost the annual capacity of the yard from the present 100 000 GT to 180 000 GT by 2017–2018. But while the destination is clear, Meyer that the design is solid, the ships are safe acknowledges that there are many ways and eco-friendly, everything from air conditioning to entertainment works flawlessly isation” – but that’s not in the cards right – and that the total package is affordable. now, he says. In fact, Meyer believes that “We want to increase our input, “A lot of expertise has to come such actions could prove “dangerous” if but the question is, how do we do it? We carried out without great caution. are presently investigating the options,” together in the making of these floating cities.” “Instead, we want to keep devel- to get there. he says, adding that the all-mighty order oping towards each other and move into book SOFTER SIDE OF SYNERGY something new, together,” he outlines the Meyer Werft is looking to lock down a According to Meyer, there have been some strategy. blockbuster deal over the summer and expectations back home that Turku ship- Since September, the new CEO yard will undergo a process of “German- has been constantly asked about invest- also comes into play here. this would, of course, have ramifications at the yards. seatec 2/2015 11