seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 45

Less is more with WatMan SWRO Less energy, less maintenance, and less down-time resulting in lower costs and increased customer satisfaction S eawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) typically rejects 98.5 to may choose running mode (Atlantic, Baltic, etc.) from the screen 99.5% of the salinity. State-of-art WatMan SWRO system with settings best suited for the production conditions. Neces- reduces energy consumption to 2–4 kWh/m of fresh water pro- sary operation data and alarms are visible on the ship’s control duced. Energy consumption is cut by 60 % compared to conven- room screen. 3 tional fresh water systems. Energy usage can be cut down fur- WatMan has nearly two decades of experience in 1-pass ther with Pressure Exchanger technology which does not require and 2-pass SWRO systems. At present more than a dozen units any scheduled maintenance. are operational on luxury cruise ships around the world and sev- A WatMan cruise ship SWRO system delivery typically con- eral units are under construction for new cruise ships. We deliver sists of two to four separate SWRO units. Capacity of one Wat- our compact units on turn-key basis including commissioning, Man unit varies usually from 600 to 1 100 m3/day. A ship can onboard training and after-sales services. WatMan SWRO units include several 1-pass or/and 2-pass SWRO unsits depending on enable production of highest quality fresh water with less energy, fresh water usage onboard. less down-time, less maintenance resulting in lower costs and The WatMan SWRO unit operations are fully automated including pre-filter backwash, chemical dosing, status of high increased customer satisfaction. Sometimes less is more – with WatMan SWRO it is! pressure pumps and RO vessels. All necessary alarms and settings are shown and can be set using the touch-screen panel. Operator More information: seatec 2/2014 43