seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 44

NEW ON BOARD Kemppi releases the Kemppi ARC System 3 solution and announces the acquisition of Weldindustry AS M anagement of welding procedures, welder qualifications and welding equipment fleet results in high welding pro- TWXM duction performance, EBIT growth, cost competitiveness and a reduction in lead time. Kemppi ARC System 3 is a new modular software solution for improved welding management. The Kemppi ARC System 3 tailored toolbox enables the customer to choose modules for developing any part of the production process, e.g. quality, project management or productivity. Kemppi ARC System 3 is part of Equipment and accessories Kemppi’s new TWXM solution concept. The offering has recently been completed with WeldEye®, welding quality and documenta- Training, coordination, consultancy tion software by Norwegian Weldindustry AS, acquired by Kemppi Standard WPS packages in December 2013. The acquisition is an important step in Kemppi’s strategy for the future. Weldindustry is one of the pioneers in the development of welding management software and its WeldEye® solution is a leading industry brand. The Norwegian market has a strong focus on the offshore industry, which has provided an excellent platform for developing high-tech solutions for welding quality management. Weldindustry AS is one of the leading welding manage- Kemppi is a world-leading welding technology company. In ment software companies with over 20 years of expertise within almost 65 years of operation, Kemppi has introduced new innova- the welding profession. Weldindustry has established WeldEye® tions to the market, pioneering the development of welding tech- solution as a complete software application for welding docu- nology and solutions. In 2013 the company had a global revenue mentation and quality management. The company has offices of EUR 111 million. Kemppi production plants are located in Fin- in Stord and Oslo in Norway. Weldindustry is a member of the land and India. The company has over 620 employees. Kemppi is Kemppi Group. the first manufacturer of welding solutions in the world certified to ISO 3834-2. For more see More information:, ARC PRODUCTIVITY ArcP Modular Kemppi ARC System 3 toolbox ARC INFO ArcI * PERSONNEL * PRODUCTION ARC QUALITY QUALIFICATION ArcPQ MANAGEMENT ArcQ * WELDING ArcPM * ENGINEERING PROCEDURE ArcE ArcWP TAILOR FUNCTIONS WELDING ARC OPTIMISATION ArcMatch ArcWise ARC VALIDATION ArcV * WELDEYE INSIDE Kemppi ARC System is completed with WeldEye®, a welding quality and documentation software. WeldEye software is created by Weldindustry, a Norwegian company that became part of Kemppi Group 2014. 42 seatec 2/2014