seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 43

For more than 20 years working with the maritime industry For more than 20 years Alupro have been working with the maritime industry to provide high quality droplet separators, or demisters, for a wide range of systems applications. Their WS Series demisters are available in marine grade alloy or stainless materials with a range of surface treatments to suit the different types of environment in which they will be used. I ndustry Standards Compliance and independent certification of equipment, Alupro’s technical designers will apply their many years products and processes are viewed by Alupro’s management as of experience to identify which of their range of solutions best essential parts of their business and these in turn drive constant development of their products and service portfolio. meets the individual project requirements. Everything from the mounting details and fasteners to be “Without continuous improvement and development of specified through to the product colour or finish and even the our products we would be just another manufacturer, offering packaging design is considered. Nothing is left to chance, reflect- the same kind of solution as everyone else”, says Vesa Samela, ing again their understanding of their role in delivering an essen- Alupro’s CEO. “We set out to deliver something different in terms tial component for a build or refit. of our products technical functionality and also the service our clients receive.” “Our WS demister solutions deliver performance levels that some other major demister suppliers in the industry can’t match, Alupro clearly aunderstand that their demisters will form an but despite this leading position, we’r