seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 42

NEW ON BOARD ATA keeps you in motion ATA Gears sells, designs and produces spiral bevel gears for demanding applications worldwide. A TA is one of the very few companies in the world that spe- ers who need dependable gears for critical applications know cialises solely in high-quality spiral bevel gears. By concen- they can rely on ATA. trating on this one product group, ATA can effectively focus all of At this year’s SMM exhibition, ATA will be presenting the our resources on meeting challenging gear application demands. Company’s special know-how regarding the use of spiral bevel ATA´s strength lies in long-term knowledge of the entire pro- gears in propeller equipment. The marine industry’s strict require- cess, which starts with expert design and advanced production ments call for process control in all phases. For many years, ATA and goes right through to full support services. has led the way in developing the design and manufacturing tech- Design quality ensures that the end product meets all tech- niques of demanding propeller equipment. nical specifications. ATA´s customer service team provides cus- Good news is on the way for customers and exhibition visi- tomers with advanced technical services. From advice and con- tors. ATA has recently been investing heavily in modern production sultation to a full design service, customers can choose the level technology and focusing on increasing capacity. ATA’s competi- of support they require. tiveness in the market is improving thanks to shorter lead times, The first ATA spiral bevel gear was manufactured in 1940. and increasing capacity especially in large spiral bevel gears. Today, ATA spiral bevel gears are considered the preferred choice, especially in the demanding applications used by the marine, vehicle and heavy engineering industries around the world. Custom- ATA FACTS: Established: More information: 1937 Headquarters: Tampere, Finland Personnel: 215 Net sales: EUR 48 million (2011) Exports: 65% Product range: Max outer diameter 3000 mm / 120 inches Quality class: up to DIN 5 / AGMA 13 40 seatec 2/2014