seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 33

FCR Finland to participate in AIDA’s cruise ship project O y FCR Finland Ltd is a Finnish company with a focus on specialised shipbuilding projects in the cruise and passen- ger ship industry, including complete turnkey refurbishment projects. Also, the company’s scope of work can include architectural items, management consulting, or personnel services. ”In late January 2014, we received a significant order for the interiors of two AIDA’s cruise ships, to be built at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan,” says Mr. Hannu Luoto, Managing Director for Oy FCR Finland Ltd. ”The order covers the construction of Water Fun Park and Beach Club sections for both ships. The first ship is expected to be ready for delivery in September 2015.” AIDA Cruises is a major cruise line based in Rostock, Germany. A special trademark of AIDA ships is that they are gener- Spiral bevel gears for the most demanding marine applications. a ally equipped with various on-board features designed to appeal to the younger passengers. DESIGN WORK AND SUPERVISION The two ships – the first of which has been tentatively named ’AIDA Prima’ – will have a gross tonnage of 125,000 tons each, making them the largest ships in AIDA’s fleet. According to Mr. Luoto, the turnkey project covers the interior design and construction, apart from technical equipment. ”We expect to conclude the design phase by mid-June 2014. FCR Finland currently has 16 designers on the job, plus a couple of scale-model manufacturers.” ”The furniture will be manufactured in Bergano in Italy, while the aluminum and steel structures will be produced by FCR’s production facility in Finland.” Come and see for yourself at SMM 2014! Hall B1 OG B1.OG. Stand 209 One special feature to be manufactured will be ’Magic Mountain Wall,’ a terraced wall that looks as if it is made of slate stone but is actually made of aluminum. ”Installation work for the first ship is scheduled to start in late September of 2014. Design work is proceeding in close cooperation with the main architect and the shipyard that coordinates the whole project,” Luoto mentions. For the installation, FCR will send a supervisor team to Japan. Negotiations for further tasks related to ship assembly are ongoing. MERJA KIHL ARI MONONEN seatec 2/2014 31