seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 31

Doors from the Championship series Hall B7 Booth 413 Choose Champion Door fabric fold-up doors and partition walls! Choosing Champion Door will give you doors suitable for the most challenging conditions – dependable, durable, highly insulated and with minimal servicing needs. Champion Door Oy | Hopeatie 2 | FI-85500 Nivala | FINLAND | Tel. + 358 8 445 8800 | Fax + 358 8 442 956 | | Photo courtesy of Turku Repair Yard the industry will be the fate of STX’s Turku shipyard. Since the Prime Minister suggested that partial state ownership of the yard is very close to being agreed upon, I have been a little more optimistic,” Hietarinta sums up. He believes that increasing international trade will also be a significant factor. ”International trade is nothing new for us, but this time even companies that have largely worked in the domestic market have received international orders, even from the Far East.” ”Another positive development is that the Helsinki shipyard appears to receive quite a few orders from Russia. Perhaps shipbuilding in Russia is not quite Turku Repair Yard is situated in Naantali. POSITIVE DEVELOPMENTS Managing Director of Laivasähkötyö Oy, up to speed. This could mean even further ”What’s more, exports have been on the way up,” he says. Mr. Juha Hietarinta, points out that the cal engineering and installations of ships, and Rauma shipyards have kept the Marine railway carriages, and industrial facilities. near future,” Hietarinta ponders. Laivasähkötyö Oy performs electri- latest ships that have been built at Turku Russian orders for Finland’s shipyards in the Industries cluster quite busy. ”Eventually, the decisive factor for MERJA KIHL ARI MONONEN seatec 2/2014 29