seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2014 - Page 26

Business prospects are beginning to look up for the Finnish marine industry companies. New and lucrative export orders are coming in by the shipload – well, almost. Of course, the Finnish Marine Industries cluster is globally known as a high-quality supplier. There is no substitute for a good reputation. ”T he market for the Marine Industries companies is showing clear signs of positive development,” notes Mr. Vesa Marttinen, Managing Director for Turku Repair Yard. According to Mr. Marttinen, there have been recent improvements in various markets: maritime transport, passenger traffic, offshore technical supplies and services, etc. ”In the case of maritime shipping companies, quite a lot will depend on the type of raw material and products that are being transported. It seems that ro-ro traffic is decreasing, but the overall tendency for transports is on an upward curve.” INCREASING EXPORTS International trade is gradually increasing. This is hardly a new development for the companies of the Finnish Marine Industries cluster: they have been on the international market for some 300 years already. ”They have never operated in the domestic market only,” Marttinen recounts. ”Once new technologies have been developed, products and solutions based on them are exported to wherever there is demand.” ”In bygone days, Britain and Sweden 24 seatec 2/2014