seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 46

NEW ON BOARD Wind Power Boosting The Vessels Oy Windside Production Ltd builds wind turbines for extreme conditions & demanding applications. Will hybrid-power ships put the wind back into shipping? WINDSIDE TURBINES AS A PART OF FUTURE MARINE & bine (VAWT) systems for extreme operating environments. The OFFSHORE OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENTS turbine generators provide AC/DC rectified power to charge bat- Over 30 years of design, engineering, manufacturing, and success- teries & provide power to DC electronics & systems. Joint consul- ful deployments to the world’s most difficult terrain and most de- tation and design is critical to deliver the best solution for your manding environments proves beyond a doubt the quality & du- needs and operational environment. rability of Windside vertical wind turbines. Turbine systems have been deployed to Antarctica, North Sea, mountain tops, Saha- More information