seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 44

NEW ON BOARD SUPPORTING THE SHIPPING IN ICE CONDITIONS Turku Repair Yard as part of BLRT Grupp carries the heritage of North-European ship repair and conversion for shipping in winter navigation ambient conditions. With this as our roots the work procedures and collaborative attitude towards ship owners and other stakeholder enable the benefits to our customers. S hort delivery time and flexibility are key drivers in daily opera- there is a lot to do for local academy, public and private side. That tion and even under strong demand periods vessels for differ- is the financing of short sea, infrastructure and natural resource ent missions are served. As an example in early June there was 6 support fleets. It seems that traditional equity topped with bank vessels on simultaneous refit being: arctic tanker Kapitan Gotsky, loan is currently only financing vehicles around in North-Eu