seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 43

First Azipod® XO units in operation Azipod XO is ABB’s second generation propulsion unit, new de- During the factory tests, sea trials and first months of operation sign developed to improve the system efficiency and maintaina- the success of the development project has been evaluated. Gen- bility. First vessels with the new Azipod XO system started oper- erally all the new features exceeded the expectations. Hydrody- ation in 2012. These include two fast ferries with CRP concept namics has improved considerably compared to the Azipod VO (the conventional rudder behind the propeller is replaced by Azi- design. In the Azipod hull there is enough space to make nec- pod unit and the main and Azipod propellers face to each other essary maintenance for propeller seals and thrust bearings. The and rotate to opposite directions) and cruise vessel Celebrity Re- thrust pads and propeller shaft seals can be changed from inside flection with twin Azipod installation. Further cruise vessel Nor- the Azipod unit without drydocking the vessel. Although the final wegian Breakaway started operation in spring 2013. judgement of the reliability of the solutions can be made only after longer operational experience, there is not any reason to be- The main new features of Azipod XO are lieve that these targets are not met. Heavy load tests during the – improved hydrodynamic efficiency development time and deep factory tests together with the ex- – electrical steering instead of hydraulic one periences during the first months of operations support the trust – new innovative thrust bearing and propeller seal concepts to the selected solutions. with better maintainability – improved safety when working inside the Azipod hull during maintenance – new human interface with a possibility to get more valuable information to operate the ship more effectively and safely More information: seatec 2/2013 41