seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 34

Shipyard Director Jari Anttila and CEO Richard Vogel of TUI Cruises seen at the start-of-production ceremony for the first TUI ship at Turku shipyard in November 2012. I n early 2013, the prospects for STX Fin- of STX Finland’s Turku shipyard – in the to sell off their shipyards in Finland, France land’s Turku shipyard did not look very event that this would become necessary and China was published in South Korean good. When the Finnish government re- for the purpose of supporting the contin- newspapers. fused a loan of 50 million euro’s to Turku ued operation of the shipyard and the pro- shipyard, the long-waited order for a new duction of the TUI cruisers. The Marine Industry subcontractors in Finland issued a statement sayi