seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 31

Together, we can change the course of hydraulic, lube and fuel maintenance history aboard ship and in dock. AnalexfdMplus Ferrous Debris Monitor DF65 Duplex Fuel + Lube Filter EPF iprotect© HP Hydraulic Filters Parker is the first name for filtration aboard ship, offshore and on the dock with a unique blend of marine fuel and lube filtration products and innovative customer solutions. Everything from on-deck winches and cranes, power generators to the engine room and steering hydraulics require Parker quality filtration. For predictive maintenance needs there’s the Parker Fluid Contamination Monitoring programme with particle analysers, detectors and bottle sampling models for maximum portability and Parker Kittiwake ferrous metal and wear debris analysers and acoustic emissions monitors. /hfde keeping the course 26 – 27 feb 2014 istanbul 9 –12 sept 2014 hamburg 2 –4 april 2015 mumbai For detailed information on Finnish Pavilion please contact #SMMfair seatec 2/2013 29