seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 21

Flow Onboard KONE’S ELEVATORS REIGN SUPREME ON THE SEAS – ESPECIALLY IN THE DEMANDING PASSENGER SHIP SEGMENT KONE has become the number one manufacturer of passenger ship elevators. According to Cãlin Hera, KONE has a pretty good lock on the throne especially when comparing units installed, but KONE is also strong when looking at the financial value of the contracts or number of passenger ships using KONE solutions, for instance. “W e collaborate with all the ma- when they disembark, that’s when the tion has been tremendous. As the size of jor shipyards and ship-owners elevators have to perform to the best of the cruise ships has grown, there is more their ability.” need for elevators. Also, the cruise lov- around the world and they do appreci- ers hate to spend their vacation standing ate the fact that we’re a global operator,” KONE has become ”king of the Hera comments. With regards to the com- waves” due to some shrewd business petition, KONE has an advantage here – moves. Originally, the marine elevators The crowning achievement for KONE the Finnish company’s rivals have a more were manufactured by the Danish com- was delivering people flow solutions to the regional or local mindset. around and waiting for the elevator. pany Dan Elevator which became a part Oasis twins, the world’s greatest cruise But what do you have to do different- of KONE’s MacGregor business operations ships. With heavy traffic in all directions ly when you’re taking elevators from land later on. While MacGregor moved on to 24 hours a day, the Operation Oasis creat- and putting them upon the waves? The Cargotec, marine elevators became a part ed (quite possibly) the most testing context first thing, Hera replies, that you have to of KONE. for marine elevators ever. Smooth logistics recognise is that the “building is moving”. Passenger ship elevators are, by far, on the 16-deck ships are simply a must, “We have to make allowances for KONE’s forte in the marine segment, with with elevators being the key to everything. pitching and rolling of the vessel to make ferries contributing as well. More recent- KONE delivered a total of 41 ele- sure that the people flow solutions we pro- ly, KONE has also made advances in the vators to the ships. Equipment is hoist- vide are always safe and work the way they cargo department, installing elevators to ed by the economically and ecologically should. This means, for instance, that the cargo ships more and more. According to advanced KONE EcoDisc technology, us- structure of the elevators is stronger and Hera, KONE has tried its hand in offshore, ing both space and energy efficient KONE the cables more secure,” Hera says. too, but is backing out of that business: MiniSpace and KONE MonoSpace solu- “We have been active in the Oil & tions. Elevator modes are synchronised EYE ON THE PROFILE Gas segment for several years; however, with the guest communication system so Another thing comes from the people flow as we re-evaluated our marine business that disembarking instructions, for exam- profile of a ship vs. that of an office build- during early 2013, we realised it doesn’t ple, are automatically displayed on the ing, for instance. While a regular building make complete business logic anymore, elevators’ LCD screens. full of white-collar workers packs the ele- so we pulled out of offshore altogether,” vators to the brim around lunchtime, with he confirms. passenger ships there are two big “seasons”: “When the patrons embark and KONE also provided special-access elevators for guests with reduced mobility. Furthermore, two escalators were incor- WASTE NO TIME porated – rare equipment on ships. These With passenger ships, however, the evolu- help to speed up the flow of people, espe- seatec 2/2013 19