seatec - Finnish marine technology review 2/2013 - Page 19

Global technical excellence closer to shipowners - closer to shipyards wherever you are Visit us on: Move Forward with Confidence The vessel belongs to series of three see co-operation between Vyborg Ship- edges that the ship-building market is fac- newbuilds ordered by the Russian Minis- yard and Arctech Helsinki Shipyard deep- ing tough times right now. try of Transport from Vyborg Shipyard. In en with the new contract. Also, adding “This has, naturally, had an effect on addition to the basic design, also the pur- such a technologically advanced vessel to us, too. Many projects which are likely to chasing of major components and almost the order books allows both companies to provide us with orders have been post- half of the vessels hull blocks will be pro- present themselves as forerunners in build- poned.” vided by Vyborg Shipyard. ing icebreaking special vessels. The main tasks of the vessel are ice- to predict how the global economy and FAMILIAR CLIENT breaking and assisting of heavy-tonnage the price development of oil and gas are According to Esko Mustamäk