seatec - Finnish marine technology review 1/2019 - Page 48

NEW ON BOARD Champion Door’s Special Doors for Shipyards Champion Door Oy has delivered new large doors to shipyards around the world. The doors supplied are very large, with a width of 30–60 m and up to 50 m in height. T he construction of the Champion Door door is lighter than ordinary fabric foldup doors, so heavy oversized structures are not required for the main building. This will bring significant sav- ings on the building costs of the hall. Doors can be manufactured in different strengths. The door frame strength is determined by door size and wind load requirements. Despite the lightness of the structure, the doors are designed to withstand strong wind loads. Wind resistance has been tested in a research facility. Shipyards are usually located on the seacoast where corro- sion protection of the components is paramount. The metal parts of the Champion Door shipyard doors are corrosion protected and Champion Door Oy has invested in thermal insulation in their they withstand dust, dirt and moisture well. Thanks to its simple product development of shipyard doors. Good thermal insulation structure, the doors are virtually maintenance-free. All these fac- reduces heating or cooling costs and increases working comfort.   n tors increase the lifetime of the door, and thus its lifecycle costs remain reasonable. 48 seatec 1/2019 More information: