seatec - Finnish marine technology review 1/2019 - Page 46

NEW ON BOARD Installation engineer in charge Teemu Jauhiainen (L), head of technologies Rami Mäkipää and Managing Director Jaana Hyttinen at a site meeting. Hydraulics and electrification of machineries are the specialties of Averfin Oy by: KATRI MÄENPÄÄ Averfin Oy, starting as a maintenance company for earth-moving machinery 20 years ago, is currently an international partner in the shipbuilding industry. The company designs and installs hydraulic, electrical and control systems to machines. O perating since 1998, Averfin Oy began its business as an “In the last five years we have concentrated even more on earth-moving machinery maintenance provider. The shift in the maritime industry. Last year, for example, there were two focus towards maritime industry started nevertheless many years new hopper barges completed, where the hydraulics and con- ago through cooperation with WasaDredning. Averfin helped in trol systems of the hydraulics were entirely designed and built by maintaining Hitachi dredgers on one of their ferries. us,” Hyttinen tells. ”Since the ferry operated at sea, we were taken aboard in the morning and were brought back in the evening. During the CORE ACTIVITIES IN HYDRAULICS AND ELECTRIFICATION time in between we had some spare time, so we serviced also the OF MACHINERIES ferry,” recalls Managing Director Jaana Hyttinen the early days of Designing and installation of hydraulics and electrification of cooperation of Averfin Oy. machineries are the core activities of Averfin. Over the years A ­ verfin Little by little the demand became more focused on design- ing and building new systems. 46 seatec 1/2019 has delivered more than a thousand hydraulic applications. “We also build control systems and measuring instruments