seatec - Finnish marine technology review 1/2015 - Page 47

SELKA – handmade design The Finnish Selka furniture factory specialises in public space and restaurant furniture with skill and sentiment – by two generations of professionals. he high quality of Selka’s products is safeguarded by highly PROFESSIONALS IN THEIR FIELD OF EXPERTISE experienced professionals in the company’s production team. Over the decades, changing fashions have affected the appear- These craftsmen possess the latest knowhow in their field of exper- ance of public space and restaurant furniture. The most sought- tise. One of them is welder Jari Sormunen, who has over 25 years’ after product elements have, nevertheless, remained the same. T experience in the company’s service. Armchairs, bar stools, sofas and coat racks to more than 20 countries are among the items produced by Sormunen and the other skilled members of Selka’s production team. “Quality, practicality and, of course, safety,” Sormunen lists. But what is it that has kept Selka’s trusted welder working on metallic furniture components for so long? “My work is challenging. And it’s really rewarding to suc- “We believe in work by hand and craftsmanship. Our prod- ceed in the production of a new piece of furniture. Also, the var- ucts are handmade – whether it is a basic production from the fac- iability of my work and our great team are definitely among the tory’s own collection or a unique specimen, tailor-made to meet best aspects of this job,” Sormunen says. the expectations of a customer. This ensures high-quality products But it’s not just Sormunen. Many more workers have several – even for the most demanding of commissions,” the welder says. years’ experience in Selka’s service – unquestionable professionals Many a customer of cruise ships, hotels or restaurants has in their own field of expertise. Together, these skilled craftsmen had the pleasure of enjoying the small details skilfully developed have laid the foundation for Selka’s success. Now, the next gen- and manufactured by Sormunen and his team. eration is already joining in this group of professionals – and Jari ”Based on experience, I usually know right away what’s going to work and what won’t. I can sometimes see right off from Sormunen’s son is among them. Following his father’s footsteps, he is now working in Selka’s furniture factory. the blueprint how the product can best be made or how the design must be changed to get the best possible result,” Sormunen says. More information: seatec 1/2015 45