seatec - Finnish marine technology review 1/2015 - Page 46

NEW ON BOARD Upgradeable and intelligent FastMig X for demanding industrial welding applications Kemppi’s FastMig X product series offers superior a workshop or construction site. In addition to MIG/MAG and welding quality for demanding industrial applications. Synergic MIG welding processes, it has also pulsed and double- It features three alternative high-end configurations for different purposes: FastMig X Regular for MIG/ MAG pulse welding, FastMig X Pipe for pipe and root pulsed MIG as a standard. FASTMIG X PIPE – FIVE TIMES FASTER ROOT WELDING FastMig X Pipe is specially designed for pipe welding. It is also welding and FastMig X Intelligent for diversified suitable for plates and fast root welding from one side. It pro- welding applications, for all metals and processes. duces excellent weld quality, especially when running open gap root passes on pipes or plates without using backing support. WiseRoot+ is up to five times faster than TIG in root welding and K emppi, one of the world’s leading welding technology com- three times faster than Synergic MIG. Strong and precise twin- panies, has set out to meet the increasing market demand motor wire feed mechanism is reliable even in the most demand- for better quality, productivity and ease of use. ing welding environments. The new FastMig X series is a modular welding system that can be optimized for specific professional welding applications FASTMIG X INTELLIGENT – FOR ALL METALS AND by choosing suitable components and software package options. PROCESSES Arc Mobile Control software is bringing totally new and flexible FastMig X Intelligent is suitable for all high-end welding appli- way to use and control the welding machine, for both produc- cations, all metals and processes, including the welding of thin tion management and for the welders. sheets. It suits all demanding welding tasks in any industrial weld- When ArcVoltage feature is enabled, FastMig X automati- ing application at a workshop, shipyard or construction site. It has cally shows the actual arc voltage on the display during welding. a DuraTorque DT wire feed mechanism and a full palette of weld- This means that you can see exactly the right voltage from the ing programs for various purposes, filler wires and shielding gases. welding arc, and can easily keep your welding values inside the The Intelligent configuration has the complete software predefined range regardless of the size and length of the cables. package as a standard. Additionally, Arc Mobile Control software for Android mobile devices can be used for easy moni- FASTMIG X REGULAR – TOP QUALITY FOR INDUSTRIAL toring, control and adjustment of welding parameters and set- WELDING tings. Once set, the settings can be copy-pasted from one welding FastMig X Regular is designed for basic pulse MIG welding, espe- machine to another. cially for robust metal plates and thick base materials. It suits demanding welding tasks in industrial welding applications at 44 seatec 1/2015 More information: