seatec - Finnish marine technology review 1/2015 - Page 44

NEW ON BOARD The Brand New ULTIMATE U SeaProtect range by ISOVER With the development of The U SeaProtect range EXCELLENT THERMAL AND ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE for Marine and Offshore applications, ISOVER offers • Our Best Comfort Class solutions will provide you with the a full line of fire protection products that comply with the 2010 Fire Test Procedures Code for steel fire constructions including a number of improved solutions. THINNER SOLUTIONS • 25 mm around the stiffeners for A60 steel constructions • 20 mm around the stiffeners for A30 steel constructions • 50 mm on the level for A60 steel bulkhead • no insulation around the stiffeners for A15 steel deck and bulkhead LIGHTER SOLUTIONS • New ULTIMATE U SeaProtect solutions are increasingly lighter than traditional Stonewool solutions of previous generation. highest level of performance that can be reached with mineral wool systems. OPTIMIZED LOGISTICS • All Steel A-Fire Class constructions can be achieved with only four ULTIMATE products that are part of the Easy Logistics portfolio including various facings. ISOVER’s Development and Sales departments teamed up to develop new ULTIMATE solutions that would meet the highest requirements of our customers. U SeaProtect solutions are up to 45% lighter than traditional Stonewool solutions, providing equivalent fire certification when tested according to the FTP Code 2010. Comfort on board passenger ships is critical; this is why ISOVER designed ULTIMATE U SeaProtect Best Comfort Class solutions with excellent thermal and acoustic performance. THE U SEAPROTECT RANGE WILL BE AVAILABLE COMMERCIALLY FROM FEBRUARY 1ST 2015. Because it is so important to be able to find a product needed quickly and in a simple way, you can find in the table below the name structure of the U SeaProtect range. More information: 42 seatec 1/2015