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Limiting yourself to a suitcase that will fit in the overhead compartment is a surefire way to force yourself to pack more efficiently. Consult our Ultimate Guide to Carry-on Luggage to see which size suitcase you’re allowed to bring on board. Bonus: You’ll pack lighter, save money (if you’re flying an airline that charges for checked bags), eliminate waiting time at the luggage carousel, and never lose your bag again.

Cures for the Chronic Over-packer

18 Easy Ways to Have a Better Flight

As aircraft seats become harder, closer together, and more likely to be full, getting comfortable in coach has grown into a nearly impossible challenge. Fortunately, there are little ways you can take control of your in-flight experience, from choosing the right seat to bringing the right gear. These 18 tips and tactics will help you maximize your comfort and have a better flight.

Worst Things About Solo Travel (That Are Actually Good for You)


Solo travel is a surprisingly divisive way to vacation: it’s something people either love or loathe. I have a strong love/hate relationship with solo travel—there are some aspects that I treasure (being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want) and others I dread (feeling lonely). I’ve found though, that the things I hate most about solo travel have actually helped me become a happier and more confident explorer.