SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 06 August/Sept 2017 - Page 32

So many of us in the SEAT Community and the sports & entertainment industry travel on a regular basis; therefore each month SEAT Global Magazine will share hot travel tips and travel industry news to ease the burden of your travel experiences.

Road Warrior Travel Tips

by SmarterTravel

Do You Have Bad

Travel Etiquette?

Travel is stressful, and rife with interactions that could easily and quickly escalate into nasty confrontations. Etiquette and self-restraint are keys to hassle-free trips, and travelers seems to be behaving accordingly.

A survey by "Travel Leaders Group" probed travelers’ attitudes toward a range of dilemmas likely to be encountered in the course of a trip, ranging from line-cutters to able-bodied travelers’ monopolizing seats earmarked for the disabled.

Traveling with Anxiety: 13 Ways to Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Between experiencing new cultures, navigating unfamiliar streets, and putting faith in strangers, stepping out of your comfort zone is an intrinsic part of travel. For some, this uncertainty is all part of the adventure. But if you’re traveling with anxiety, that vacation you’ve been dreaming about can turn quickly into a minefield.

10 Best Things to do

in Costa Rica @SEATconference


Ready to find your Pura Vida? Costa Rica’s slogan means “pure life,” and beckons all who visit to make time for whatever makes them happiest. For some, it’s the thrill of a volcano zip line, for others, a calming beach. The only way to find yours is to try out all of the best things to do in Costa Rica.