SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 06 August/Sept 2017 - Page 25

Ads promoting the contest not only generated a ton of traffic, they resulted in ticket sales. Since the fans knew right away if they'd lost, they could immediately go buy a ticket and still attend the game. Even if fans won the contest, they still encouraged their friends to try or buy tickets to join them. So even though Iowa State gave away a few tickets, they sold a ton more. The strategy was such a success, that it resulted in an astounding 126X ROI for the team.

Why did this campaign work so well? Because Iowa State used fan-based marketing. Instead of only focusing on their bottom line, they thought about their fans first. Cyclones fans want a fun and easy way to interact with their favourite team. They want an excuse to invite their friends out to a game. They want to escape their day-to-day and play a fun game on their phone. Iowa State catered to their fans' emotional and social needs... and still earned ticket sales.

Did this strategy require more forethought than a simple ad campaign? Yes. Did they have to try something new? Yes. Did they need to take the time to understand their audience? Yes. But did it pay off? Most definitely.

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