SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 06 August/Sept 2017 - Page 2

Editor in Chief: Christine Stoffel, CEO

Content Contributors: SEAT Community Members

Graphic Design: Steve Barr

Content & Innovation: Dallas Stoffel

Article Layout & Design: Taylor Albright

Editor Travel Tips & Fit Tips Sections: Haylee Stoffel

This month is chocked-full with covering a recap of SEAT Atlanta Conference as well as we have expanded the magazine to include a variety of fun and engaging sections all centered around our Global SEAT Community Members!

Exciting New Magazine Sections Include:

Pet Parents - We all love our pets! Sport & entertainment execs share pics of their pets and fun facts!

Insights & Perspectives - Share your perspectives & opinions on evolving technology, industry changes, what kinds of tech to look for and more!

Christine Stoffel

SEAT, CEO & Founder


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SEAT Global Magazine

Leadership Brief - Industry leaders share their leadership tips & strategies that have helped them in their leadership journey in hopes it might help you as well.

Memory Lane - Who Is This? - This section has childhood pictures of your peer community for you to try and guess who the pics might be!

Picture Gallery - A collection of pictures from SEAT conferences & events as well as submissions from the SEAT Community members!

Session Recap - This section has recaps from panel sessions, workshops & roundtable discussions from SEAT conferences.

Case Studies - Current case studies submitted by sponsors & SEAT community to share amazing success stories!

FitTips & Healthy Living - Submissions by your peers, healthy living tips, recipes & more!