SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 06 August/Sept 2017 - Page 16

• Bots: Bots go hand-in-hand with integrated services and mobile apps. They are an excellent way to provide 24/7 support. Customers can ask “where can I buy a hot dog” or “what beer is available in this stadium” and the bot can return accurate, instant answers. For stadium operators, this minimizes the need to constantly provide hardscaped details or information about changing vendors, locations, and service offerings. This information can be updated on the fly within a mobile app and allows the bot to do the talking for you.

Avaya was one of the first to market with bot technology for stadiums. We launched our Avaya Stadium mobile app in 2015—we started using bot technology to serve up stadium facts in the app. As we continue to innovate, we’re finding more potential in bots when we combine them with AI and big data.

• Artificial Intelligence: AI can be deployed in many ways. Think of how you interact with platforms like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. The queries are quick, responses are fast, and the entire process is all about convenience. In a hyper-busy and fast environment like a sports stadium, AI would be extremely beneficial for improving customer experiences. It could work alongside a chat bot to provide advice, prices, location information, etc.

Modern stadiums are looking to use bots with AI to geo-target offers for more intelligent, personalized opportunities. Based on previous interactions and customer intelligence, bots can begin offering up services based on past behavior. For example, when you enter the stadium, the bot can send you a custom alert letting you know where your favorite beverage is available, info about special offers, and suggested alternatives.

Keep Your Fans at the Forefront

With a little help from technology, stadiums can engage with fans based on who they are, where they are, what they’re doing, and how long they’ve been doing it, delivering personalized mobile experiences based on user location and behavior. Create an immersive experience for fans—whether they’re in your venue or away. Connect them to your team and events all year long.

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Andy Steen,

Head of Strategic Marketing