SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 65

However, this offering can provide electricity up to over one mile away. Digital electricity also resulted in tremendous time savings. If AC power had to be available at each pole the local electric company would have had to become involved in this project.

The process of providing AC power to each pole would have added many more months to the timeline beyond the three months it took to deploy the wireless network. Besides the distance and time savings benefits, digital electricity also enabled the team to utilize composite cable (fiber and copper in one sheath), which consolidated everything onto a single “pull” cable. Finally, digital electricity meets IEC and UL safety requirements; therefore, the deployment team did not have to run metal conduits, which is not only tedious, but expensive as well.

Due to this combination of innovative features, installation costs were up to 50 percent less than competitive offerings.

Result: The Winning Wireless Experience

Whether standing at the finish line, tail gating in the parking lot, working onsite in one of the 70 motor-based shops, or just driving on the roads leading to the motorway, robust mobile communications can be experienced thanks to JMA Wireless’ leading-edge solutions.

These innovative offerings are providing coverage and capacity for multiple carriers and numerous bands. As capacity needs increase in the future, they will be handled readily and cost effectively thanks to JMA Wireless. @SEATconference