SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 56

Q: With such a range of hostile events facing government and companies, which scenarios pique the concern of these entities the most right now?

A: Well, its funny, if that’s not a horrible way to say it: More broadly, everyone is antsy about cybersecurity because it's faster, less understood and we’re on our devices non-stop.

When Netflix doesn’t work, we freak out. We probably don’t think nearly enough about the things that we know are coming and are going to be devastating – the hurricanes and the earthquakes (most people just have no idea what a massive West Coast or New Madrid earthquake is going to do when it comes – and its not an "if"). With hostile events, I think we’re moving in the right direction. While I encourage organizations to think of it more broadly, you see increasing investment of time and dollars in preparing businesses and government – military included – for active shooters.

If you can respond to that well, you’re achieving the 80 percent I mentioned above. The other 20 percent– good to strive for, but you can pivot effectively from 80 percent. That’s the right thing to do and needs to continue. At a certain level, attacks become much bigger than a business can be expected to respond to – their response will be local, focusing on their people and facilities. Recognizing the threats, assessing the risks, the federal government has made a very smart investment via grants to fund local preparedness for what are called Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks.

Written By:

Bridget Johnson @SEATconference


Think of what happened in Paris in November 2015.

That is a tough situation and one that is hard to work through. DHS has invested in funding CCTA preparedness but is also doing a lot of other work to help enhance local communities’ abilities to respond to crises that may occur in their areas and across jurisdictional lines. That investment needs to be continued because honestly, that’s the nightmare scenario. The spectacular attack is always something extremists will aspire to but it's hard to pull off. Six or eight guys with guns and bombs – that can be absolutely devastating in so many ways.