SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 51

SEAT Sponsor One to One Interview

Russell Scibetti

Vice President, Product Strategy

KORE Software

When was your first SEAT Event?

Scottsdale, before it was called SEAT

How would you describe SEAT? "SEAT to me always feels like a family reunion. It's my chance every year to connect with peers, discuss problem, find creative solutions and come back to the office invigorated."

What inspires you?

Passion and a willingness to go above and beyond to help someone.

What's an interesting thing about you that many people do not know?

I'm a pretty good poker player - it's been a profitable hobby for me over the years.

What was your first job you ever had?


What is the one element you would like to see changed in the sports industry

Willingness to think more about long-term vs. short-term goals.

Favorite music genre or band/singer/artist? What's your favorite 90's jam?

Rock / Foo Fighters . Favorite 90's jam is "I Alone" by Live

What do you like most about the sports industry or the business of sports?

The passion for what we do every day

When is you favorite quote or words you live by?

“Few of us will ever do anything that will be recognized and remembered by more than a handful of people. We are not great. We may be good, honest, fair, hardworking, loyal, kind, generous, and very decent, or we may be otherwise. But we are not considered great. Greatness comes along so rarely that when we see it we want to touch it. [He] allowed us, players and fans, to touch greatness, to be a part of it. He gave us all something great, something that we will always cherish. Hopefully, most of us will live long happy lives, but we will never again be this close to greatness. That’s why we’re here.”

From Bleachers by John Grisham

Thank you Russell & the KORE Team for your continued commitment and support of the SEAT Community!

Twitter: @rscibetti