SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 50

Handrail Antenna

The tiny Handrail Antenna fits most handrails. Secured within a compact, watertight polycarbonate enclosure, the antenna is a dual-band, 3 dBi directional

antenna with a 60/90 degree beamwidth. The enclosure attaches to the handrail

with a pipe mount and stainless steel fasteners and includes four, low-loss

cables to connect to the access point. To install, a hole is cut into the rail and the

cables are routed through it and under the concrete steps to the AP.

Guardrail Antenna

The Guardrail Antenna consists of a dual-band, 3 dBi antenna housed within a

slim but rugged, impact-resistant polycarbonate enclosure. The internal antennais field-adjustable with a +/- 20 degree tilt for precise coverage. It installs easily to any guardrail with stainless steel fasteners. Four low-loss cables connect to

the access point. To install, a hole is cut into the pole and the cables are routed

through the pole and then down the wall inside of a conduit pipe to the AP.

Both antennas provide seamless Wi-Fi connectivity and capacity to users in several surrounding rows of the stadium. And, because the antennas are small enough to fit within the railings, they meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design.

CDW also chose TerraWave polycarbonate enclosures to protect the Cisco indoor access points from the environment, theft and tampering. “We’ve learned that TerraWave products do everything we need them to do,” says Somers, “and they do it better than the others.”

After testing a small quantity of the selected products, the entire solution was installed and tested again. The project was completed for the home opening game in August 2014. “Overall, the opening game went very well,” says Somers. “The student body and fans were very pleased. When the stadium was filled with fans we learned of some areas that could use a little tweaking and immediately began work to upgrade them. We plan to continually assess and adjust access points as needed throughout the season to provide University of Nebraska fans with the best connectivity and experience possible.”

According to Floyd, the new network is already a hit, with a peak of 25,000 simultaneous users during the second game this fall.

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