SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 49

Product Solutions:

Handrail and Guardrail Antennas

• Bring network connectivity

close to the users in challenging areas

• Provide coverage and capacity

for beamwidth-hungry apps to

several rows

• Housed within rugged

enclosures to withstand harsh

weather conditions

• Fit within rails to meet ADA

accessibility requirements

AP Enclosures

• Protect indoor Wi-Fi APs

from harsh weather, theft

and tampering

Universal Mounts

• Allow quick, easy enclosure installation

• Flexible for pole or wall mounting

“They also wanted to provide a game day experience

that fans can’t get in their homes. With the advancements in home entertainment, the stadium needed to provide a new and exciting experience, one that’s only available by attending the game. To help accomplish that, the university planned to roll out a new Huskers app that fans could download to their mobile devices that would allow them to enjoy video replays, multiple views of the field, and other custom video content available only by coming to the stadium.”


Working with Dan Floyd, Director of Information Technology for University of Nebraska Athletics, CDW’s mobility Field Solution Architect, Martin Jerome andProject Manager, Dan Morris developed an RF coverage plan and a diagram of the stadium. It detailed the structure of the stadium, the location of the seats,boxes, load-bearing walls, and any concrete or other structures that might cause wireless interference.

To provide the coverage needed for a stadium full of users potentially connecting at once, CDW planned to install 800 Cisco access points to fill the stadium with Wi-Fi bandwidth. But Memorial Stadium has open areas that are difficult to reach because there are no structural overhangs for placement of antennas. For complete coverage and adequate capacity in those challenging areas, a different solution was needed.

Innovative Rail Antennas Install Close to Users for Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity

CDW enlisted theexpertise of Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, the manufacturer of industry-leading TerraWave antennas, enclosures and accessories that support Cisco and other APs. TerraWave offers an entire portfolio of products and solutions designed specifically for use in high density environments like stadiums.

TerraWave antennas and enclosures have been installed in many NFL, MLB, and college stadiums across the country and they are commonly selected to deploy and protect Wi-Fi access points. “We chose TerraWave for this project because of the quality of the products and the ease of doing business with them,” says Somers. “From working with their research and development team to their sales team, they were all extremely helpful and 100% reliable.” For Memorial Stadium, Ventev’s engineers designed two, new TerraWave antennas housed within sturdy weatherproof enclosures to fit within the handrails and the guardrails of the stadium and bring network connectivity closer to the users.