SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 47

Design optimization with an end to end view: One ICT design team with end to end view of the environment and design requirements

Integrated systems which are seamless and secure: Single systems integrator deploying seamless and secure technology solutions throughout

Integrated resource coordination to deliver on time and reduce cost: One coordinated management & delivery team reducing cost and complexity

Host neutral infrastructure for control of systems: Neutral ownership and control of infrastructure enabling revenue streams and service quality

Integrated operations for operational success: Integrated venue operations delivering enhanced fan experience and life cycle management

IBM meets the challenges faced by venue owners as the prime Technology Systems Integrator using proven methods for large venues that provide a complete end to end solution. IBM’s Sports and Entertainment practice along with our Sports and Entertainment Consortium Partners focus on Fan Experience, Team Performance, and Venue Optimization and uniquely combines these capabilities by leveraging our experience in sports over the last 25 years. IBM’s partnership with sports enterprises focuses on the following key steps in the path to transformation:

• Orchestrating the Vision

We orchestrate the vision by co-developing a master plan and implementing a fully integrated architecture through our experience, research, and partner eco-system

• Delivering the Vision

We establish a scalable future proof ICT infrastructure to support integrated systems that will deliver the connectivity and data for the fans “media of expression”

• Co-Innovating the Vision

We co-innovate to improve fan experience unlocking the value of your ecosystem converting fans into customers, team performance by coordinating the entire data stream to improve performance on and off the playing surface, and venue optimization to enable connect and control optimizing the venue driving higher revenues and efficiencies of operations through IBM and partner solutions

The sports sector is now ready to transform the business model to capitalize on today’s digital

age. The roadmap starts with identifying the transformation opportunities based on a thorough

understanding of digital transformation in the industry. The path to transformation requires clear vision, the right skills in the right place, tenacity to overcome any resistance and analytically based decision making across the extended enterprise. IBM Sports and Entertainment has the

winning team to lead you into this journey.

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