SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 43

Imagine applying business rules to automate and drive digital menu content using a variety of data points to dynamically and instantly determine what appears where and when on your menus and digital merchandisers. That ability to intelligently automate content across

an entire facility now exists! Allure AutoFocus© is an advanced Rules Engine that can integrate with any POS, and can ingest weather, proximity, inventory, wait times, and other venue data to determine what will drive the results you need in your concessions, ticketing and retail merchandise locations. The application adapts and automates content in real time, helping you understand that when conditions X, Y, & Z are present, your fans and customers will be compelled by A, B, & C. It drives instant engagement and influences viewers to purchase in way that are satisfying to them and accomplish your business objectives. It’s an unparalleled methodology for using business rules and machine-learning to automate displaying relevant and compelling menu content at the right moments to the right viewers. The 2016 ORACLE HOSPITALITY REPORT summarized what customers at our venues are telling us:

• Don’t underestimate the importance of satiating fans’ hunger and thirst

• Food and beverage sales will derail due to slow service and an increased fear of missing game action

• Fixing issues such as long wait times results in greater ROI

Today’s great opportunity is to leverage technology to speak to each patron/fan/customer in the present tense. To do so, you need up to the minute data and predetermined business rules to orchestrate what your digital media should communicate to maximize experience and achieve ever-increasing revenue.

To learn more about achieving accelerated concessions sales lift, improved guest experience and quicker ROI on your digital menu boards, contact Hope Mason, Marketing Specialist, at 352.514.2284 or

1) ©2016, Oracle Hospitality Fan Experience Report. Survey of 1,511 US adults who attended at least one live sporting event of the following sports in the prior 12 months: NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NFL, NCAA Football. Survey also included 2,036 adults attending professional Football (Soccer) in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

2) Allure analytics testing: international entertainment venue, 2017

Written By:

George Yunis, VP Marketing & Menu Strategy

Allure, a Christie Company @SEATconference