SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 40

The 6 Magic Words:

Improve Guest Experience And Drive Revenue

Today’s fan is bombarded with digital messaging. Ever-increasing, present everywhere, the deluge is endless. Good, bad, engaging, or unnoticed, all of us rely digitally presented content. Looking to escape and enjoy, your fans arrive at your stadium ready to eat, drink and experience a fantastic event – on the field and at concessions.

For years, concessions menus have been nothing more than a list of products available – maybe with a few pictures. The technology of digital signage is advancing, with the market seeing a 2nd Generation of Digital Menu Boards (DMB) – a Digital 2.0 if you will – that offers opportunities to engage fans and drive revenue with optimized DMBs.

Below at left: Photo taken of a basic non-optimized DMB. At right, an optimized 2-Screen DMB at a MLB venue.

You may be thinking “I’ve heard this before”, yet based on what we see every time we consult teams, concessionaires, and management groups; when done well, optimized DMBs dramatically and immediately improve guest experience and increase revenues. Best of all, they do so with an investment that can be recovered well within the first season of deployment.

Strategy & Best Practices

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