SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 4

Editor: Christine Stoffel, CEO, SEAT

Contributors: The SEAT Community

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PAGES 4 ,23, 24, 30, 34, 56: Steering Committee & Advisory Board "Fun Insights"

PAGE 46 & 52: "Fun Insights" from JMA Wireless & KORE

PAGE 1: SC Co Launches Qatar Innovation Community - Exciting Announcement

PAGE 5: Sun Trust Park - A High Tech Home Run - Case Study

PAGE 9: Atlanta Braves & Cobb County Case Study

PAGE 11: Atlanta Braves Chose Panasonic - Case Study

PAGE 13: Hot Travel Tips for Road Warriors

PAGE 15: Golden State Warriors Success Story with KORE Software

PAGE 17: Fan Engagement Strategies & Best Practices Shared by Jon Burkhart

PAGE 21: Industry Statistics Shared by Corning

PAGE 25: Appetize's Self-Service Kiosks - Case Study

PAGE 27: Sacramento Kings "Nothing but Net..." Case Study by CommScope

PAGE 31: Kansas City Royals - ViTEC's EZ TV IPTV Case Study

PAGE 35: Strategy & Best Practice "The 6 Magic Words..." by Allure

PAGE 39: XCel Energy Center Case Study with CDW

PAGE 41: IBM Leading Digital Transformation - Best Practice

PAGE 43: TerraWave Antennas Enable WiFi/ WLAN Connectivity - Case Study by Ventev

PAGE 47: "Mobile Edge Clouds are Key..." - Case Study by ASOCS

PAGE 49: Security Threats: How to Prepare for What's Next

PAGE 53: Boingo & SOLiD Win Over College Basketball Fans

PAGE 57: Sonoma Raceway - Case Study by JMA Raceway

PAGE 22: Leadership Insights Shared by Larry Bonfante