SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 37

The Challenge

Although the prior IPTV system was only seven years old, the media players were beginning to fail and were no longer being manufactured. Evaluation of an upgrade showed it to be cost-prohibitive, so the organization had to look elsewhere in an attempt to find a cost-effective, durable replacement that would eliminate the media players’ high failure rate and reliably support live, in-venue video streaming and digital signage-wall into the future. This also presented them with a unique opportunity to address other system shortcomings.

The digital signage system was cumbersome in creating and dynamically updating digital signage content. The team wanted a solution capable of delivering low latency video around the concourse TVs and suites, feature easy-to-use interface for efficient digital signage creation as well as the flexibility to address any arising content demands.

The Solution

The K is one of baseball’s most

beloved ballparks. Hardware

instability and restricted campaign

creativity were limiting an otherwise extraordinary fan experience.

We selected VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV and

digital signage solution because it

delivered incredibly reliable and

high-quality, low latency streams and digital signage creation tools that can support our goal of making allaspects of coming to a game at The K unforgettable. We’re able to really use our screens to add value and a new dynamic that we didn’t have before.

Brian Himstedt

Senior Director - Information Systems

Kansas City Royals.

After considerable comparisons of the IPTV products on the market, the team determined VITEC’s EZ TV Platform cost effectively delivered on all of the team’s requirements, and more. Offering unparalleled value and performance while using the existing IP infrastructure. EZ TV is the industry’s first broadcast-grade solution that combines IPTV distribution with powerful digital signage capabilities into an all-in-one integrated platform. EZ TV‘s flexible, open-architecture is ideal for the ever-changing video, marketing and sales of today’s sports venues. With proven reliability, superb video quality and under one

second of delay streaming 1080p Full HD content to any screen; TVs, PCs and Mobile Devices, EZ TV seamlessly integrates to existing network environments and is able to manage any type of video content including streams generated by 3rd party encoders.