SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 30

Appetize’s Self-Service Kiosks Improve Fan Experience

The Problem

Fans come to your venue for the experience. Waiting in long concession lines, causing them to miss the game or event, or not ordering food or drink due to long wait time and order inaccuracy are occurrences that have proven to be the pitfalls of legacy POS systems.

The Solution

Appetize’s kiosk solutions provide operational efficiency, as well as an enhanced guest experience, providing a convenient method for customers to browse and choose from a menu of merchandise, select and modify their order and choose payment method and receipt options, including text, email or print.

Self-service kiosks offer fans the opportunity of a hands-on ordering experience without the traditional cashier interaction, cutting labor costs significantly.

By strategically placing these kiosks at various locations throughout your venue, you can reach more customers without the costly investment in additional brick and mortar space.

"Our concession stands have the latest technology and fans can order from their seat, they’ll spend more time enjoying the action on the floor."

-Chris Granger, President, Sacramento Kings

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