SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 25

The Extra-Time Earth-Shaking Fan Celebration W&F:

Tip: Find new ways to measure fan passion.

Story: Premier League champs Leicester City got a local school to measure the seismic recording made when Leicester scored in the dying minutes to beat Norwich 1-0. It was similar to a small earthquake. 2017 Fan will expect her club to find new ways to quantify her passion.

Challenge: How can you geek out with science and measurement and show your fans how much you appreciate them?

So what’s next? The Fan Experience Fight is also a game show I’m creating for SEAT Global TV as well as the London and Atlanta conferences. This is the first of many preview posts aimed to give you a glimpse but not the full picture. You need to attend the conference for the whole enchilada.

GAME SHOW DISCLAIMER: Just so you know, the game show is modelled after US late-night talk show host James Corden and his British sport-themed show A League of Their Own.

FUN DISCLAIMER: Not into having fun? That’s cool. I appreciate your honesty. This interactive event’s always led to some epic round-table dinner discussions. They centre around the importance of a real-time content strategy to guide your fan-centric activities. Please play along. I promise you’ll learn stuff too.


Jon is founder of content marketing consultancy TBC Global and the author of Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising. He’s also a board member of SXSW Interactive.