SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 24

Tip: Find ways to integrate your sponsors naturally into the match-day experience. Look to achieve the humour and surprise of this Emirates one.

Story: Like this Emirates ‘safety video’ annoncement, 2017 Fan will expect to be charmed by brands. She will be much less patient with brands who spam her at will.

Challenge: How can you make sure your fans tweet and Instagram your brand sponsors antics for all the right reasons? Make sure you run as far away from anyone who suggests a Nivea “Haka” idea like this.

The Half-Time Porn Food W&F:

Tip: Make sure fans experience food that’s better (or at least more unique) than they can get at home.

Story: If I get reincarnated as Texas Rangers’ ball park food, I will be chicken-fried bacon on a stick.

Challenge: Create food that’s incredibly Instagrammable. Look to own Instagram Stories with a continual stream of gratuitous guilty-pleasure food pics.

The “Can’t Attend The Game So I Nervously Keep Checking My Phone” W&F:

Tip: Help Fans Keep Up With Everything They Need To Know About Game Day Via An Ever-Updateable Email

Story: Like The Detroit Pistons collaboration with Movable Ink (I got to meet these amazing folk at SEAT Vegas), 2017 Fan wants to open her game-day email and constantly check it as it updates itself with last-minute team news and scores.

Challenge: How can you cater to fans who can’t attend the game? What can you do in real-time? Is VR an option for you? If so, can you make sure you do something that’s not gimmicky? @SEATconference