SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 21

Shooting Lessons from KORE’s Success Team

Ramsey’s first course of action was to focus on fundamentals like leadership buy-in, inventory, rate cards and the end-user experience. He partnered with KORE’s Success team and hired Michael Yu as the Business Manager for Corporate Partnerships and dedicated point person for the KORE system. KORE helped the Warriors create a Success Action Plan comprised of a three-phased approach to get the Warriors back on their game:

Pictured from right to left is: Annie Chin , Matt Artin, Brandon Ramsey and Michael Yu.

Phase 1 – Reconcile the inventory and contract data in the system.

Phase 2 – Construct and implement a quality control plan for all new deal entry going forward.

Phase 3 – Optimize and streamline system processes.

During the first couple of months, Yu said he spent more time with KORE’s Success team than anyone in the Warriors organization. Together they examined every deal and found discrepancies with nearly each one. Within weeks the team was able to rectify the disparities, clean the system’s inventory, and build out the proper data collection points (i.e. ability to relate each deal to the proper sales person, distinct billing instructions, and special assets for activation).

Yu’s next big challenge was gaining user buy-in and influencing behavior to serve the system’s on-going integrity. In this second phase, KORE helped implement best practices that align financial and behavioral incentives for maximum adoption. For example, by tweaking certain configurations inside the KORE application, the Warriors could tie their commission payout process directly to data in the system. Now when a deal is completed, all pertinent data must be entered correctly for the seller to get paid.

The third and final phase is continual streamlining of processes. Prior to working with KORE, the Warriors had no systematic processes in place. With their new “shooting style,” they’re continually learning how to be more efficient and reduce friction for users.

With full user adoption and accurate data, the Warriors can finally get the reporting and insights that they need to grow their business. Instead of spending 1-2 full days each week maintaining reports and Excel files, Yu says he now spends less than 5 minutes per week. They’re proud to report that for the first time in the organization’shistory, staff commissions are paid on time and with 100% accuracy. Finally, instead of constantly pulling weeds out of the system, they’re able to focus their attention on larger initiatives, such as driving incremental revenue through dynamic inventory pricing.

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