SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 20

Golden State Warriors: You Can’t Shoot Three-Pointers Until You Can Make a Layup

When it comes to sponsorship database management, there can be a bit of a paradox – staff will only use a system if the data are accurate, and the data can only remain accurate if the staff use the system properly.

A number of things can bring imbalance to either side of this equation. Sometimes the data are entered wrong from the beginning, leaving no room for success. Sometimes staff only use a portion of the system, creating havoc for data integrity.

KORE Applications in Use

• KORE ProSports Ticketing™

• KORE ProSports Sponsorship™

• KORE ProSports Suites &


Key Results

• 100% user adoption

• Time spent maintaining reports

and Excel files reduced from two

days to five minutes per week

• Commissions paid on time and


Tips from the Warriors

• Hire a dedicated resource to own

and drive your initiative.

• Use financial incentives to drive

user adoption and data integrity

(i.e. closely associating commission

payout process with KORE


• Don’t jump in hastily - you must

do it right the first time. If you do

it wrong from the beginning, it’s

going to be a long slow grind to

right the ship.

Brandon Ramsey, Golden State Warriors’ Director of Business Analytics and Strategy, was dealing with the perfect storm. The Warriors had purchased KORE Software but not yet dedicated the resources to fully leverage the system.

“We partnered with the industry leader and quickly realized how little we knew about the basic science of our business,” mentioned Ramsey. Low user adoption, poor data integrity, lack of focused reporting and disparities between sales and billing information made it impossible to answer simple questions like “How much court-side signage do we have available?” It was clear to Brandon that he needed to perform system triage.

“KORE Software has been a great partner throughout the implementation and adoption

process. They helped us focus on changing behavior to lead and inform revenue-generating decisions.”

Brandon Ramsey | Director of Business

Analytics & Strategy, Golden State Warriors

Success Story

Shared by KORE, (SEAT Sponsor)