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10 Shameless Ways to Eat for Free While Traveling

Loading up on bread at restaurants isn’t the only way to eat for free while traveling. With a little planning, resourcefulness, and, yes, shamelessness, there are other ways to grab a free bite on the go.

Is This the Solution to the Right-to-Recline Debate?

...The little space that gives rise to so much conflict is the four inches that coach-class flyers lose when the passengers in front of them recline their seats. While four inches may not sound like much, any traveler who has had his scant personal space compromised by someone reclining his seat can attest to its importance in flight. It’s a difference-maker, and an air-rage trigger.

Soon, your face could become your boarding pass.

JetBlue and Delta plan to test biometric boarding passes over the coming months. These sci-fi-sounding alternatives to the traditional boarding pass could be the next step in an ongoing transition away from printed passes.

JetBlue is testing the process this month on flights from Boston to Aruba.

JetBlue, Delta to Test Facial-Recognition Boarding