SEAT Global Magazine - Sports Industry Case Studies Issue 05 June/July 2017 Special Edition - Page 11

It is totally self-contained, not only offering fans a portal through which to buy tickets and pre-purchase parking, but to navigate them directly to their parking lot and to scan their ticket at the gates using their phone.

The navigation tool was made possible through a partnership with the traffic app Waze, as well as Cobb County Department of Transportation, and the app will navigate fans in the most efficient manner directly to their respective parking lot.

An on-site traffic command center, which will feature key representatives from various organizations including the Braves, Cobb County DOT and Cobb County Police, will feed the app with real-time routing updates and work together to respond to any changing conditions in real time.

For the ridesharers out there, the Braves have partnered with Uber too and have a designated pickup location outside of SunTrust Park.

Once inside the gates, the app continues to enhance the experience for fans.

"What's unique this season is everyone is learning about the park," says Mize. "We have to be good at educating people and helping spur discovery of the ballpark."

To facilitate that, in conjunction with Satisfi, a forward-thinking events technology company, the app includes artificial-intelligence features that help fans really pinpoint what they're looking for. In a question-answer format somewhat akin to Siri, fans can ask not just where is the nearest concession stand with beer, but where is the nearest concession stand with Terrapin beer, and the app will be able to provide that answer.

"It's really trying to put the power in the users' hands instead of just presenting them with a whole bunch of stuff and navigating them," says Mize. "It starts with a question, and it's all machine learning, all automated."

Recently added is the “Clubhouse Attendant” feature in the app. Fans can enter the app and input who they are attending the game with – kids, friends, colleagues - and the app will curate potential experiences and discounts.

The app can be used for things like getting a reservation at the Hope and Will's Sandlot attractions, exploring retail and dining options throughout The Battery Atlanta or learning more about the historical exhibits in Monument Garden and throughout the rest of the park.